Rev. Joshua Cho
President of Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary

Bible Exposition: Hope – From Destruction to Plantation

Language: Cantonese (with Mandarin interpretation)
1 Aug, Tuesday The Call of the Prophet Jer. 1:1-19
2 Aug, Wednesday The Unfaithful People Jer. 3:1-25
3 Aug, Thursday God's Proclamation Jer. 4:1-31
4 Aug, Friday Sin No More Jer. 7:1-15
5 Aug, Saturday God's Mourning Jer. 8:18 – 9:3
7 Aug, Monday The Prophet's Confession Jer. 1:18 – 12:6; 15:10-21; 17:14-18; 18:18-23; 20:7-18
8 Aug, Tuesday The Prophet's Action Jer. 13:1-11; Ch. 19; 32:6-32
9 Aug, Wednesday The Hope of Peace Jer. 29:1-23
10 Aug, Thursday Building & Planting Jer. 30:1-31:40

Rev. Joshua Cho

President of Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary

Baptized in Swatow Baptist Church, Kowloon City at the age of 12, Rev. Cho graduated from Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary, Yale University Divinity School and Princeton Theological Seminary with degrees of M.Div., S.T.M. and Ph.D. respectively.

Rev. Cho worked as consultant pastors in several Baptist churches before, and he has taught in Honors College of Valparaiso University and Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary. He is now the principle of Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary, a consultant pastor of Kowloon City Baptist Church and a member of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Bible Conference.

Rev. James H. Taylor IV

OMF’s Chinese Ministries Director
for Church Missions & Ministries

Preaching Hour: God’s Vessel in a Foreign Land

Language: Mandarin (with Cantonese Interpretation)
1 Aug, Tuesday Attending Your Majesty’s Service (Daniel 1) Dan. 1:3-7
2 Aug, Wednesday The Everlasting Rock (Daniel 2) Dan. 2:17-23
3 Aug, Thursday Even if to The Contrary (Daniel 3) Dan. 3:16-18
4 Aug, Friday The Awakening Amid Tranquility [Till You Know] (Daniel 4) Dan. 4:13-17
5 Aug, Saturday Finger Instructions (Daniel 5) Dan. 5:25-28
7 Aug, Monday Shut the Den with Stone, Shut the mouths of the Lions! (Daniel 6) Dan. 6:21-23
8 Aug, Tuesday The Endless Kingdom (Daniel 7-8) Dan. Ch. 7-8
9 Aug, Wednesday Repentance Amid Desolation (Daniel 9) Dan. 9:20-23
10 Aug, Thursday Brave to be a Daniel (Daniel 10 – 12) Dan. 11:32b-35

Rev. James H. Taylor IV

OMF’s Chinese Ministries Director for Church Missions & Ministries

Rev. Taylor was raised by his Christian family in Taiwan. Educated in primary and secondary schools in Taiwan, he returned to the U.S. to finish his undergraduate degree in Seattle Pacific University, and later earned M.Div. and D.Min. degrees in Asbury Theological Seminary.

Rev. Taylor’s great-grandfather is Hudson Taylor, the founder of China Inland Mission which later renamed as Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) International. Rev. Taylor has been in several different posts in OMF, and now he mainly focuses on intercultural missionary. Now he is the Chinese Ministries Director for Church Missions & Ministries of OMF, and he lives in Hong Kong right now.

Rev. Edmund Chan
Leadership Mentor, Convenant EFC; 
Founder, Global Alliance of 
Intentional Disciplemaking Churches

Revival Message: Living a God-Centered Life – Expositions From The Book of Ecclesiastes

Language: English (with Cantonese and Mandarin interpretation)
DateTopic & Message SummaryScripture
1 Aug, Tuesday Ecclesiastes Overview: Making Sense Out of Life Ecc. 1:1-3
2 Aug, Wednesday The Search For Fulfillment Ecc. 1:3-11
3 Aug, Thursday The Folly Of Human Wisdom Ecc. 1:12-18
4 Aug, Friday Re-Defining Success In Life Ecc. 2:1-26
5 Aug, Saturday Four Obstacles To A Life Well Lived Ecc. 3:1-22
6 Aug, Sunday Caught In A Performance Trap Ecc. 4:1-16
7 Aug, Monday Money, Money, Money Ecc. 5:1-20
8 Aug, Tuesday Our Preoccupation With The Temporal Ecc. 6:1-12
9 Aug, Wednesday Four Dangers Along The Way Ecc. 7:1-29
10 Aug, Thursday Ecclesiastes Revisited: Living A God-Centered Life Ecc. 11:9 – 12:14

Rev. Edmund Chan

Leadership Mentor, Covenant Evangelical Free Church
Founder, Global Alliance of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches

Graduated from Singapore Bible College, Rev. Chan was called to shepherd a seventeen-member fellowship which later developed into today’s Covenant Evangelical Free Church with a congregation of over 4,000 people. He has been the senior pastor for 25 years, and now he is a mentor in leadership training. Rev. Chan founded the Global Alliance of IDMC in order to train up pastoral leaders throughout the globe.

Rev. Chan earned his Master Degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with distinction. His publications include Growing Deep in God (2002), Mentoring Paradigms (2008), Roots and Wings (2008), Growing Deep in Faith (2010), Cultivating Your Inner Life (2001), A Certain Kind (2013), Radical Discipleship (2014), Life & Legacy (2015) and Discipleship Missions (2016).