• 31/7-6/8
    1. Pray for the three preachers; may our LORD give them both bodily and spiritual good health, giving them wisdom to preach His messages so that every attendee can practice biblical teachings and lives out good life.
    2. Pray for the leaders, singing leaders, pianists, interpreters, hand-sign interpreters, recorders, members of Hong Kong Disciplined Services Christian Fellowship and staffs at all posts; pray that every one of them can use their gift to serve our God.
    3. Pray for the weather. May God provide adequate weather so that attendees can come to the Conference, and equipments and ultimately the Conference will run smoothly.


  • 24/7-30/7
    1. Pray for the Kowloon City Baptist Church, the main venue of the Conference. They have been lending their place for the Conference and providing personnel for everyday operations for many years; we appreciate their kindness, and may the LORD remember their hard work.
    2. Pray for all the transmission locations. Besides of the main venue, there are 88 transmission locations in total in Hong Kong and overseas. Pray for the facilities and staffs in each location.
    3. Pray for the bookstalls in the main venue and transmission locations. In the 10-day Conference, people can purchase books, audio/video products and other merchandise so that everyone can pursuit God besides of the preaching sessions; may our LORD use every one of the bookstall in His Way.


  • 17/7-23/7
    1. Pray for all attendees – both from Hong Kong and overseas – that everyone would spend time reading the Scripture, come to the Conference, and listen to God’s Words.
    2. Pray for all the choirs which are having intensive practice for every night’s performance. Pray that God give them strength so that everyone – choir members, conductors and musical instruments – will perform in harmony, to praise our God with the best music.
    3. Pray for all staffs in the Conference, for the final preparation is underway and workload is heaviest. Pray that our LORD give them wisdom and a heart of joy so that they can do they work efficiently and all sessions go smoothly.