Rev. Darrell Johnson

Teaching Fellow, Regent College

Bible Exposition

Theme: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! The Shocking Extravagance of Jesus' Gospel Opened Up in His Parables.

Language: English (with Cantonese, Mandarin and Sign Language interpretation)

Rev. Darrell Johnson

Teaching Fellow, Regent College
DateTopic & Message SummaryScripture
1st August Ears to Hear, Eyes to See Luk 8:1-15
2nd August Surprisingly Fruitful Luk 8:1-15
3rd August Shameless Extravagance Luk 11:1-13
4th August / /
5th August Servant of the Servants Luk 12:35-40
6th August The Power of 'Little' and 'Hidden' Luk 13:10-21
7th August When Jesus Comes to Dinner Luk 14:1-15
8th August Scandalous Love Luk 15
9th August More Scandalous Love Luk 15
10th August Just Keep On Asking Luk 18:1-8

Rev. Johnson surrendered to Jesus’ call to preach while studying Physics in University. He earned a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and was awarded the Doctor of Divinity degree by Carey Theological College.

Rev. Johnson has served as Senior Pastor for congregations in the United States, in the Philippines and in Canada. And he has taught at Regent College and Carey Theological College.Currently, he serves part-time at Regent as Teaching Fellow.

Rev. Johnson has been married to Sharon and they have 4 adopted children from the United States, Korea,the Philippines and Russia and 11 grandchildren.

Rev. Johnson has many publications, including “Experiencing the Trinity” (also in French, Spanish, Korean),“Fifty-Seven Words That Change The World: A Journey Through the Lord’s Prayer”, “Discipleship On the Edge: An Expository Journey Through The Book of Revelation”, “The Glory of Preaching: Participating In God’s Transformation of the World” (IVP Academic; also in Spanish, Korean, Chinese) and etc.