93rd 2021


Bible Exposition: Inheriting the Promised Land

Mr. Kwok Kuen Leung

Preaching Hour: The Book of James, ‘ Real faith…. '

Rev. Alex McCoy

Revival Message: You Can Come Closer to Me

Rev. Timothy San-Jarn Wu

92nd 2020


Bible Exposition: The Word-filled Sentinel: The Message of Ezekiel for today

Rev. Nicholas Tai

Preaching Hour: Experiencing The Word of God - Psalms 119

Rev. Sam Chan

Revival Message: The Glorious Church in a Time of Tempest - A Study on Ephesians

Rev. KWOK Man-Chee

91st 2019


Bible Exposition: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! The Shocking Extravagance of Jesus' Gospel Opened Up in His Parables

Rev. Darrell Johnson

Preaching Hour: Longing for the return of Christ our Lord

Rev. Gordon Siu

Revival Message: The Lord Restores My Soul

Rev. Paul Ng

90th 2018


Bible Exposition: Till the Ultimate Renewal in Glory

Rev. Jeffrey Lu

Preaching Hour: David - The Righteous Sinner

Rev. David W. Pao

Revival Message: Discipleship Missions

Rev. Joshua Ting

89th 2017


Bible Exposition: Hope – From Destruction to Plantation

Rev. Joshua Cho

Preaching Hour: God’s Vessel in a Foreign Land

Rev. James H. Taylor IV

Revival Message: Living a God-Centered Life – Expositions From The Book of Ecclesiastes

Rev. Edmund Chan

第88屆 2016


研經會:疾風勁草 – 劃時代的工人


講道會:信仰深度行 – 21世紀基督門徒的icons




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