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The Hong Kong Bible Conference is a non-denominational meeting that welcomes all Chinese Christian churches and individuals around the globe. Through preaching Bible in depth, the Conference aims to strengthen the spiritual lives of believers, moving believers to devote themselves to serve God, so that churches can be united and revived.

The Beginning

The 1st Hong Kong Bible Conference was held in Guangzhou in July 1927, and was extended to Hong Kong in August the following year. In the years afterwards, the Conference was held in July in Guangzhou, and would be held in August in Hong Kong. The Conference was held every year except the time during the Sino-Japanese War.

After the War, the Conference moved to Hong Kong. The Conference was first held in Hong Kong Island and then Kowloon.

Today’s Conference

Since 1971, the Conference has been held at the Kowloon City Baptist Church. Since 2003, many transmission locations have been set up all around Hong Kong and, through live-broadcasting technology, more people can attend the Conference simultaneously. The attendance has grown to over 200,000 recently.

Besides Hong Kong, including Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, there are more than 80 transmission locations providing simultaneous transmission or replay, bringing about spiritual strengthening and revival to Chinese all around the globe.